• Strong local economy
  • Small business support


  • Less federal involvement
  • More local community involvement

Pro-2nd Amendment

  • Pro-Conceal Carry


  • Causes/Effect for cancer rates from environment

Tough on Crime

  • Enforce laws already on the books

Tough on Child Abuse

  • Evaluate CPS
  • Education & awareness


Stop Maryland's Rain Tax

Maryland's Rain tax has more questions surrounding it than answers these days. Each county has addressed it differently and many Baltimore County residents and businesses are going to be seriously hurt by their new "tax" bill. Learn more about the Rain Tax and ways to get involved to help get it repealed through the Facebook page for "SMaRT".


Maryland's New Gun Law (SB281)

Read the law for yourself and see how it will affect you beginning in October of 2013. Many groups have committed to fighting SB281 in court, but cannot until the law goes into effect. Note that the effective date is before the next election and before the next session - making it impossible to prevent implementation.